We're a couple but don't have pictures of each other! like NONE?

As strange as it seems, we've been together for the past three years. It's an LDR. We met annually in an event we both participated in. We kept in touch via Skype, whatsapp and some other stuff too.

All this time we got along pretty well. Sure we got into several fights but nothing really gone on for long, we usually settle by the next day or two. I don't usually got bothered much UNTIL... my friend asked me a photo of her. I casually told them I don't have it. They all went crazy and fill my head with some theories behind that reason. You know, she's cheating on you, she's not really into you... bla bla bla...

I remembered about two months ago I asked her for a photo. You know, a photo of two of us... together and all. She refused, stating that she wants this relationship to stay as private as possible. Private as in other people aside from a trusted few (parents) to not know who we were dating. She also said that she doesn't like the idea of taking photos because she likes to enjoy things the moment it is happening.

What got me wondering was that a good thing or is it a bad thing? Not having pictures of us. I mean even married couple have photos of themselves...


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  • Sounds like she's ashamed to be with you, or wants to keep the fact that you're together super private so that she can date/get with other guys closer to where she lives.

  • She sounds like she is ashamed or embarrassed to be with you... I'd move on dude...


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