I asked him if he was seeing someone else, and didn't hear from him since then, what's wrong?

I met this guy in a class about 6 months ago, we started texting and talking almost every day since then, we really got along so I started to like him a lot! one day we kissed so I thought hey this is going somewhere right? - He started to show a bit more interest and we kissed a bit more often, never in public, however he never asked me out. Everytime I go out he asks me who I'm going with and where I'm going, I even asked him to join me and my friends a couple of times but he said no, so I didn't do it anymore.

Last night I was out with the girls, and as usual he asked where I was and who was with me, honestly this time I got upset because I really like him and wanted him to ask me out so I replied a bit bitchy, he noticed and asked me what was wrong and of course I said nothing. Later I texted him saying that I never asked him if he was seeing someone, no reply so far.

I think I scared him off :(


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  • If you did then good riddens.


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