Girls, I don't understand why she would do this?

I met a girl who liked me and i friendzoned her i guess she felt hurt by this. So i would text her to hang out and she wouldn't reply. then one day she called me and said i dont respond to you because i want you to keep texting me more and trying to show you care, can someone explain to me the logic here? because i just dont see it


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  • She's crazy, just stop texting her until she grows up.

    • That sounds about right

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    • You're 16 & in college? Get out & find some friends.

    • im actually 19 lol I think I messed up when entering my info. and yea I need to haha

  • If a girl really likes you it hurts to get friend zoned. And we do want to know that you care so she was waiting for you to text her first.

    • but if I text her first and she doesn't reply then that shows me to leave her alone I don't get it lol

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