To get over a long distance crush or not to?

My crush is 6 years older than I. We live approximately 1500 miles away and I was planning to move where he is for school in about a years time. He was also planning to visit me in 2 or 3 months for a few days. He says he takes me seriously but only so much since we live so far away from each other. We both make an effort to text each other everyday but can only Skype so often because he uses his brother's laptop. He has expressed that he likes me and is attracted to me but I feel like he really doesn't take me seriously at all. He's really attractive and a lot of women (yes, women, not girls) publicly show their admiration for him on social media and everytime I see the 15+ comments on every pic and him say "Thank you :)" with the different emojis (crown, heart, etc), I get more and more discouraged. I've asked him if he speaks to anyone else the way he does with me and he said no but I'm just not sure. Whenever I try to express that something's bothering me, he says "LOL, don't start with that". He has also said, not sure if he was kidding or not, that when he comes, he's most likely gonna want to have sex.
He compliments me at times but not that often. He doesn't really try to ease my worry when I hint that I'm feeling kinda jealous or iffy about the comments.
At first I definitely thought it was worth it waiting till he visits to see how it goes but now I don't know.
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  • I don't believe in online dating but if you really want it go for It 🙂

  • Something sounds fishy about him.


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