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Is dating in your 20s supposed to be such a headache?

I'm 24. Asian American male, 5'8, in pretty good shape. When it comes to dating, I've always seeking a serious relationship (not sure if that's a good or bad thing).

I've asked out a pretty good amount of girls since I turned 18. The first grievance is that I've been rejected by many girls my age for what seem like the dumbest reasons. Uh, sorry I don't drive a Corvette? Sorry I'm not rich? (Right now I'm a poor graduate student taking loans) Sorry I'm not 6 feet tall? And of course, the dreaded "I don't date Asians" (Hurts a lot more when it comes from an Asian woman).

Girls whom I have managed to date for some period of time, I've gone all in: I listen, take care of them, try my best to communicate effectively, generally get along with their friends and family, have fun with them despite my busy schedule, and accept their shortcomings. I put in all the effort possible, but at the same time I still take care of my own life (school, my friends, etc.). Somehow, I got dumped by all of them for a hotter, richer, more fun guy. And yes, all these guys they left me for are womanizing jerks that hooked up with them then dumped them in the street.

I work hard in school and at my job, take care of myself, and treat women with the chivalry and respect they deserve. Despite this, I'm sure I'm not perfect and I'm always working to better myself. But I'm getting frustrated. Is dating in your 20s this much of a heart/headache?
Is dating in your 20s supposed to be such a headache?
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