Guy I'm seeing has a strangely vague sick excuse tonight when it's our only chance to see eachother till next weekend. Thoughts?

Background: Been seeing eachother for a year. We do a date and sleepover once a week. We both work crazy hours M-F.
Last night (Fri) he said he had a very rough week, was stuck at work late and suggested Sat night instead.
Him (2am) :"Don't feel well, am overtired and sleepless 😒Anyway, just wanted to send you a little message letting you know that you are in my mind and in my heart."
Me:"Me too!" (I couldn't sleep either for similar reasons) . We commiserated about work. He's excited that I've started a job similar to his. For the first time ever he texted, "I love you. Goodnight" He has never texted that before and rarely says it in person.
Him (7pm today) : "Hey Gorgeous, am still feeling bleh from the previous night. Not sure how am feeling, am just off. I feel exhausted but not tired. Headachey but not hurting. Nauseous but not going to vomit or anything. Am going to rest and relax and hope to feel better" .
Me:"So another night then. Unless you want company just watching movies and resting".
Him: "If you got something going on, just go to it. I will let you know if I can shake this".
Me: " I didn't make plans. Thought I had plans with you".
Him: "I am not going to watch movies or anything because my head is feeling odd. Love you. Sorry I'm feeling crappy" .
Me: "Love you too. Don't be sorry, sending get better kisses." (That was hours ago.)
He hasn't even replied and he usually looks at my response before taking off. "Sorry I'm sick" seems weird. His description of being sick is super weird. Thoughts?
He opened up and says he's been feeling depressed. So that explains it.


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  • FOOOD SICKNESS? (oops thats shouting sorry lol.) You could also nagg him to lessen up on the coffee and increase his water drinking. Cause you can get really funky if you forget to drink water. Trust me I use to get dehydrated and migraine would set in. Also staying hydrated can cure cold hands syndrome temporarily.

    Hope he feels better. Cause last time I got sick I got mothered like to death by my girlfriend... Now im not suggesting that but yea. He could have eatten some overdue food and missed the speck of mold or something.

    • Get his but out of his house/apartment and do something even if its as lame as coffee. If he dwells on just depression he wiill just go nuts lol... But seriously the sooner the better and all the while you get the reason to make him think of you. such as like if you can pay for the drink or whatever and tell him for dates and gifts you are paying cause you dont want him to do something stupid while he's under the weather with the blue's lol.

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  • you've been dating for a year and you are still not his gf?

    • It's complicated. I ended an 11 year relationship just over a year ago so I want to avoid serious relationships for awhile. So I haven't been too concerned with labels or commitment. Def not settling either, just enjoying his company. I would still be really annoyed if he were making up excuses.

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  • My opinion is he's being truthful. He might be in a mild depression


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