Should I just wait on him?

I got so mad at my boyfriend yesterday because I felt that he wasn't giving me enough attention and also I was mad couple of others things, So it was to the point where I delete him of facebook and then I decaitvated my facebook, long story short after we made up I am guessing he did not know that I delete him because I sent him a facebook reguest to readd him and I know it was childish I wasn't thinking but now he hasn't accepted and we are good terms but I dont want to mention to him and say are you going to accepted it or not because when I go to his facebook profile he shows that he hasn't or even cancel it, so I don't know what I should do about that. Should I wait it out let him accept when he is ready? or ask him if he going to or not?


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  • You got the guy back, don't worry about Facebook... it's useless.


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