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Me and my girlfriend are in a long distance relationship and have been dating for about a year. Anyways we've recently started arguing a lot about sexual stuff. I suggested we take a week off from talking to each other (at all). She has tried texting me since and i've been ignoring it since it is only 1 day into are agreement. Do you think giving each other space like this is a good way for us to gather our thoughts and calm down? Or should I respond to her texts even though we agreed upon this?


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  • Ignoring people causes distance, communicating and talking about what you both want and need from each other is the only way to resolve issues. Making sacrifices for each other and understanding what each other wants helps a relationship to survive.

    If a guy ignored me he would actually be teaching me how to live without him. Feelings fade with no contact.

    When people are having relationship troubles they need to offload to someone, that someone should be each other. If two people ignore each other there's a chance they'll talk to someone else who is willing to listen and understand. That would eventually destroy the relationship, because the person who they confide in will be bias and only see it from one side

    There's more downsides/negatives in ignoring each other

  • I think you should respond, but kindly say to her that you really feel you guys could benefit from a week without communicating, and would she mind if you were actually able to give it a try


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