Is this guy worth being patient for? Is he for real, or full of BS?

OK so I've (Taurus) been dating this guy (Aries) for a month now. We slept together a week after meeting (Sex is off the hook! for both of us!) we also have great conversation and connection. he has disappeared a couple times & comes back saying its baby mama drama & has nothing to do with me. never an awkward moment until he disappears. last time he said wanted to build a stronger more intimate relationship, doesn't want this to be based on sex & really wants to see where this could go. said would like us to get to boyfriend ,girlfriend at some point. We had a great weekend with intimacy only no sex. Had a nice breakfast Sun & then saw him again that night for bit & all was great. Now has disappeared for 3 days and has not returned my sweet messages.. What is the deal? Please clarify for me?


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  • Depends girl! From my experience Aries men are great in the sack. When that's the case it's hard to see what's happening CLEARLY. As a Taurus gal myself I feel the same that the sex is one of the most important things, and when it's good we feel like "Oh god, where will I ever find a guy like this! ... ever again!" Truth is darling you will, if this guy doesn't work.

    He sounds like a good guy if he is saying he wants to be boyfriend and girlfriend, that's kind of a big deal guys don't usually go there. And he's not saying it to get you in the sack. That's all good.

    And disappearing doesn't always mean he's no good. What does he do for a living? and is he freshly divorced, broken up with, have a busy job? Need more information girl!

    If he doesn't respond to your texts after 3 days - wait till he contacts you. "He who speaks first is Male!" Girls do NOT call guys! XOXOX

    • He works in costruction. Thanks for the adise. I have only lft him 2 messages since he dissapeared 3 days ago. One last night. And becsuse I didn't want him to think I was mad at him a sweet one this morning. I don't plan to call again...