Guys, what went wrong?

I met this guy in October. I told him that I was hesitant to date him because I had just got out of a relationship and i didn't want to get hurt and he reasured me that he would never hurt me.
We got into a huge argument last week, while I was at his place because he did not want me to leave (or so he says).
I left and made up my mind that I would never speak to him again.
He called me the next day and for the next for three days, apologizing and asking for my forgiveness. I missed him and forgave him, but told him it could never happen again. The day I told him that I forgave him he fell back on his calls. Prior to our fight, he would call and text me every day, throughout the day. After I forgave him, I received only good morning and good night texts from him, but no calls. We both work full time and go to school, so I chalked it up to him being busy. I didn't complain about it cause I didn't want to seem needy or be a nag.

Today, I text him and said, "hey babe, will I hear your voice again? We haven't spoken in a few days." His response was "busy now with mom. In a noisy area." I said "no worries, call when you can." He replied ok sexy.

Then I blocked his numbers. What happened? Why work to get me back after our fight, and then stop calling me and only texting? Should I have blocked him?
Forgot to mention, this was our first argument
He apologized to me and we were doing great
Then I spent the weekend with him. The first day of our weekend together was beautiful. We went to dinner, came home cuddled and went to sleep. Sunday is when the problem began. He started pointing out my physical flaws. My feelings were hurt especially because one flaw is due to a surgery that I had. I told him i was done and would never return to his home. That night he text me Gd night, I did not respond. The next morning, he broke up with me
I'm torn cause I know he can be ass hole but he also has good qualities as well and I miss him.


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  • i am guessing after he got you back he wanted to change a few things so shit doesn't happen again and this are the changes


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