Girls what do you look for in a guy, I bet personality is big?

What do you girls look for in guys, I bet personality is huge, but what types of characteristics


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  • I like when a guy is taller than me

    • Okay cool thanks for the insight

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    • I think you should tell her that if she has feelings for you she should straight up say it, or maybe you don't want to keep pestering her about it? If so you could just try to be her friend only, then she'll probably see what she fell for initially and tell you. Hopefully this helps

    • Thanks for the comment, after we started taking again I did tell her if things ever change she should let me know, the other thing is cause she is homeschooled I think part of it is she needs time to develop and realize and I know she isn't normal in terms of she loves her friends and as a friend told me the only way you are going to get close with her is with friendship

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