Girls, Whats best way to initiate a relationship?

In the past. I've made my intentions pretty clear early on, started a relationship but then it ended meaning I lost her as a friend too.

Is it better to stay as friends & get to know someone better first? But then again I've heard if you dont make your intentions clear within first few months the girl will think you're not interested in her & likely find someone else.


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  • I am speaking generally but, if you get the vibe that a girl is interested in you too there is no need to beat around the bush and go through the entire friend route. For the most part if a girl is extroverted the best way to initiate a relationship is to be confident when asking a her on a date. It shows her that you chose her out of many other people and that she stands out of the crowd.

    The key take away point is to be confident but not overly persistent. For females who are introverted this may come across as too bold. For example, I declined some guy's offer on a date because I had a boyfriend. He then accused me of lying. I wasn't so his response came across as rude and that he possibly had trust issues he was displacing on me.

    Girls also think highly of a guy who can take rejection with stride.

    • Good points.

      As to your last sentence, I got cheated on & I'm 3 months into no contact to try & move on. Not sure if taking a rejection with stride applies here?

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    • Thank you for explaining, nice to get a 2nd opinion. Maybe a MHO could be on the way unless someone else betters your reply lol

    • Naw don't worry about the MHO lol. I never answer questions just for the points. I'm just glad I could offer you a second opinion.

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  • I am kinda trying to figure that one out. I guess its better to say it right there but risk of losing a person. Or you could wait it out and maybe they will never see you romantically. So it depends on what you want to risk? Again, I am not completly sure if I make sense.


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