Whats up with him?

I went on a date two days ago. This guy took me out, he kept saying you have a beautiful face a couple of times. He kept asking questions and he thought I was undermining him... he thought I was a bit weird and all... he offered to drive me back home to another city, he kept doing detours untill we got there, this guys doent text or call, he said he is not a texter and is too lazy to type. Does he like me or WHAT. He said he has plan this weekend after he texted me how is your day but if I am ever bored I could come over...


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  • I think he likes you because he went out of his way to drop you off home. Also he thinks your beautiful which shows flirting and he is attracted to you. He also invited you over to his place.

    The only bad thing is that he doesn't like texting or talking on the phone. He wants you to do all the initiating and to chase him to show that you are interested in him.

    • yeaaaa and that makes me wonder wether he reallyyyy likes him, I dont want a guy with entitlement issues

    • Yeah that is true he might have a big ego and entitlement issues.

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