Do you play hard to get? And should I?

I've been dating this guy for one month, we often meet twice a week, and contact everyday. We've had sex. Sometimes he doesn't reply my text fast but reply after few hours, he's online but he just doesn't read and reply. And this makes me very unhappy because I don't know why he does like this.
I know guys don't like texting, but he goes online very very often, like 20 minutes once time.

I know i should not care about this because he contacts me everyday (just few texts and sometimes short call) and we meet quite often, but I still care.

PLUS, I don't text him very often, and seldom text him initiatively, so i am sure i am not annoying at all.

If I want him to care me more, should I be colder to him and don't go out with him too often?
How do you think?


Most Helpful Guy

  • 1. Playing games does not lead to sincere relationships. It only leads to having a gaming partner.

    2. You want to know if you should play "hard to get" but you have already fucked him. It is probably too late.

    • 1. So true. though i don't think we are going anywhere haha. i just like him, maybe his appearance or just a feeling, and maybe he likes me for same reason as well because we are not compatible actually, often find no topics to talk about...:(
      2. so does it mean that after having sex, the power is all in the guy?

    • Playing hard to get means making a guy think that you don't really have any interest in him. After having sex, he knows you are interested.

Most Helpful Girl

  • i don't play. i know I'm hard to get. i don't think there's any use in playing games as an adult. u need to know what you want and just find it. better to be straight forward than cause confusion and waste your time and his. it isn't fair to either of u.


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  • If you want to be single, play childish games.

    • Thanks, you stopped me.

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    • ya all the confusion, what should i do, energy wondering, all that is a major reason why i hate the games in the first place lol

    • yeah but that's because he does something that makes me confused... isn't it?
      well i think the best way might be finding something else to do and stop thinking about him lol

What Girls Said 1

  • It's only a month in, still very new. You're in contact every day and see each other twice a week. Don't play games, he may just not like texting. Be patient and let the relationship develop naturally.

    • Thank you, I feel a bit relaxed.

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