Girls, Am I lagging behind in terms of success, or are women in my area just extremely shallow?

I've been trying to put effort into meeting someone using match. com. The site will list the profile of users, and their income, if they choose to show it (which they don't have to). Then it will state "What she is looking for."
I've seen women whose profiles do not even list their income, then state "Looking for: $100,000 and up" for income.
Many will list their income, and then list their looking for as something higher. I thought women wanted equal pay, yet they expect men to make more money than them, so it's a bit confusing.
I don't make a lot of money. I am trying to pursue higher paying positions, but that just does not happen overnight. I have a Master's Degree, and I work in education, which as well all know, is not a lucrative field. I didn't choose this, it's just my life right now, but i am trying.
At 29 years of age, am I lagging behind in terms of success? Is this what is keeping me single? Or are women's expectations just unrealistic (especially considering their financial situations)?
Also, should dating sites even list income?


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  • I dont think income should even be a factor on a dating site. As long as I know you have a job or degree, I see that you're doing something with yourself

    • I agree. It's too bad that women here are so shallow and materialistic.

  • maybe anything possible?


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