Is dating someone within your group of friends a bad idea?

There is someone new to our group of friends I have a crush on. I'd like to get to get to know her more but I'm afraid of dating someone in our group of friends. I don't want to be the cause of a potential rift in the group but I wonder if anyone has had a breakup in this situation without any problems.


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  • go for it your all adults be mature about the situation its either she wants you or she dosent its not a big deal

    • I've just seen the way things go if the relationship ends poorly. I don't want to happen because of me lol. But it's true we are adults.

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    • I got half rejected. She claimed she was too busy. But said if she wasn't busy she would have gone out with me 😕

    • oh okay well she ain't worth it anyways

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  • Having female friends is a bad idea

    • I think that depends on the situation. I'm actually becoming best friends with someone I dated after finding out we had no chemistry in some aspects of our relationship. Female friends are good but usually for certain types of guys. I honestly get along better with my female friends more than my guy friends.

    • It doesn't matter what a brainwashed feminist thinks

    • What? Lol 😂

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