Guys Please help me understand this. Never made it right with me, but with his friend?

This guy liked me all along we were close friends. I went on two dates with his best freind ( I never knew my friend liked me that way). When he started saying these really mean things about his best friend ( the guy I went on two dates with) I confronted him the guy I went on the date with. He said he was jealous and lying cause he liked me and never said anything and he had the balls to ask me out and not him. Then my close friend the guy who liked me all along sent me this really hateful text message that was both rude and mean to both his best friend and I. He said he didn want anything to do with me etc. so I never answered that message just ignored it and just blocked him from everything and. My friend told him to stay away from me and never to go and talk to me again. Now apparently his best friend and the guy are all best friends again as if nothing ever happened. Im just hurt cause ( silly as it is) I dont think he tried to make it right with me, and that his friend took him back in the end. He would tell lies about him so I woulndnt like him anymore.. cause he liked me and wanted me for himself.

I mean even if he tried to say sorry I would have never got the message. I just don't get it. I am not seeing either of them by the way... I removed both of them from my life.


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  • Yeah guys don't stay mad at each other unless it's serious. He probably didn't think it was worth begging for your friendship so if you want him to be friends with you again you might have to ask.

    • What do you mean begging for the friendship back? Like he was the one who acted out?

    • He either feels bad and doesn't want to admit it or he thinks he did nothing wrong so he doesn't feel the need to apologize.

    • Yeah thanks! The only thing I Know is that he was stressed cause he told my friend that cause his family member had died. And I literally have him blocked from everything. so even if he tried to makke it right I would never know.

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