Based on my pick is it safe to assume really attractive girls won't be into me?

I have low self esteem and no confidence (in dating). I like who I am and am confident in the things I do. I feel like I'm doing physically attractive girls a favor by not pursuing them and feel good that an average girl will end up with a good guy who want to make her happy. Is it silly for me to assume me a physically attractive girl would have nothing in common. I just feel like those girls won't have similar interests and will care about different things thanks me. Besides they will get the pick of the better guys anyway. Why make a girl feel lucky that they ended up with me rather than feel they settled for personality over looks?


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  • Ok A) You aren't bad looking.

    Now on to B). Looks are only one part of the equation. If you are intelligent, funny, compassionate and caring, you're in. Guys get better looking in our eyes as we get to know them.

    • A. I know I'm average in looks
      B. I am these things and I think that's why I make female friends so easily. They tell me I could get a girlfriend if I wanted yet I'm single. Its no one's fault just how my situation is.

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  • Have you ever spoken to a therapist about this? I feel like they might be able to help you better.

    • It's basically self esteem issues. I just feel at this point I'm not very physically appealing. I know I am personality whose because of how many female friends I easily make. If I'm in a relationship I'm confident because me a girl are dating. But why wouldn't I be realistic I'm average looking. Beautiful girls out there deserve a guy at their attractivenessl level.

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    • Well no one is going to find me super hot lol. I know girls will like me because of who I am. And I also know I need to work on my self esteem. Everyone has their attractive attributes I just need to focus on mine.

    • Honey. If mama June can have three baby daddies, I guarantee someone will find you attractive.

  • Nope, it's not safe to say that.


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