Guys, do you think this relationship will last long for them?

So my friend met this girl online? He just asked this girl out last week, and they're only seeing each other once a week. I mean I don't think it will last? I really like him. I guess I'm hoping for a chance. I never got to tell him how I felt. He was showing a lot of interest in me.


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  • It might last and it might not last. It depends on how much he likes her and how much they get along.

    • I hope it does last. But I don't know about the once a week shit.

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    • Maybe one day he may think and realize you like him. I just hope it doesn't be to late by then.

    • That is good that you and him have so much in common. It sucks that you never had a chance to tell him how you felt. Yeah she seems young and immature I don't think it will last either.

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