Please tell me if he likes me read description?

So it started last June we went on a field trip and we stared at each other for forever twice and my friend were asking "what was that about?" even I didn't know he said nothing. then he spent the hold day teasing me. Then this year we started talking and then he play fought with me to hard and it hurt my thumb to be exact hurt I ignored him for the whole day and afterschool I was going to riverside to get bubble tea and he followed me and begged me to talk to him and when I turned back his eyes were red about to cry I guess I forgived him and he told me he would stop fighting rough. At that point I saw that he was a sensitive guy I started to really like him on the way to get my bubble tea he ask about myself and told me he wanted to be more that acquaintances with me I was so surprised I mean I like him but did he mean he wanted to be my boyfriend I don't know? I knew he rarely went this way to get to his house but he still came with me. when I got my bubble tea he waited for me and then he and me went to get pizza we mostly watched videos I didn't want this day to end I wish we went out like that like everyday I remember a song that was playing (Hot Blooded) its been my favorite song since. Well then he had to go and I went back to school. Then we never did that again I've been trying to go to bubble tea a lot but he never came with me. He still talks to me and stares at me but he as I say has side hoes there like 4 he flirt with everyone but he hits the he doesn't do that to me is that respect. his main is a girls he 100 percent respects he never sys anything bad a bout he I don't know if they are dating he held the door for me but he does that to his main but he also carries her bag when its on the floor she get jealous when he flirts with other girls I do too I told him I wanted to be aquantines because I couldn't just me friend I was like in love. I now regret that decision I try to show him that he annoys me but I really don't want to. I just want him


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  • i think he likes you


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