How do deal with being lead on?

How do I deal with being lead on, like when a guy won't break things off so he just leads you on with that "its bad timing for me, maybe in a few months" lie. I really really need to hear him break it off with me in order to move on fully, but how do I ask him to be 100 with me?


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  • too little information, such as, does he have a gf?, being lead on how to deal with it is to leave or just be with him. What do you want? Is he your friend?

    • I want to be his friend, but we're not "friends"per se, and he does not have a girlfriend. We talked for 4 months and went on a couple of dates. I want to know how I should ask him to be real with me and not bullshit me, even though im sure he's just trying to let me down easy its not working, its making me feel like shit. I want to know how I can ask him what he actually wants and that he's allowed to be honest with me and telling him I still want to be his friend (but this is coming from a girl who is on good terms with all her exes and talks to them at least monthly)

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    • no just call him whenever you feel like it

    • thanks! I'll probably wait awhile still until everything is more calm (a week possibly), then just tell him to be real with me and not lead me on.

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