Does this girl likes me?

I like a girl in my class,
when we sit together.. she talks nicely and happily and even flirts too
she sometimes sits with me and sometimes she sit in the front...
when we dont sit together she comes upto me in the breaks and sits with me for 5 mins and asks how r u and then talks about mobile apps and features and then she leaves.
But there is one dude, in his presence she completely changes, she doesn't smile at me, she doesn't talk about any other stuff other than studies... and then she excuses herself and leaves the room.
That dude was giving him coffee one day and she accepted and she also went from her chair to sit with that dude for entire lecture of 2 hours.
Does she really like me?
  • She likes that guy and did not want him to think that there is anything between me and her.
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  • She is really interested and i should chase her.
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giving *her coffee


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  • She likes that guy and did not want him to think that there is anything between me and her.

    • r u sure?
      she comes upto me and sits with me when all the seats are empty
      isn't that flirting?

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    • Thnx bruh love ya... who fuckin cares,,,
      i will bang some other chik

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  • She may just be a really big flirt and she sees this guy (the other dude) is putting in effort buyin coffee and what not, it sounds like she's trying to start conversations with you by small talk but that's it ya know.

    • No we are friends... sometimes she talks to me for 5 mins and somedays we dont talk at all...
      do u think she likes me or that guy?

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    • Ok the next time i see them talking... should i butt in?
      will that make me look desperate and clingy?
      or should i just remain calm and cool and not react?

    • I think you should move on, don't waste your time in waiting for a girl. You'll still be friends but there's probably a girl out there who would love to talk to you and ignore other guys just for you.

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