Girls, Does she like me or are we just Friends?

I met a girl a few months ago. We get along great and have tons in common. she's really sweet to me, she works in a bar and she gives me free drinks and and she hugs me sometimes. We have been out after her shift and sometimes she will message me asking if im coming down to see her. My friends said that if they didn't know better they would have thought we were dating because of the way we are with each other. But she has a boyfriend (about 3-4 months). I told her my feelings and her response was that we get along great as friends and she thinks we should stay friends and that she is still seeing her boyfriend so she can't really say anything more on the matter and she hugged me and said its fine and not to worry about making things awkward because it won't be. I said i might not be able to see her anymore because of the way i feel. she said if thats my decision then she was supportive of that but later i changed my mind and decided i still wanted to see her so i told her i would see her next weekend. she messaged back ill 'see you then! X'. Does it sound like there's more to be said but she doesn't want to dump her boyfriend for me? Should i be persistent with the girl? Should i wait it out and see what happens? I really like her a lot. I know i could love her and spending a long time in the future with her doesn't scare me in the slightest. Being around her and talking to her makes me very very happy. I just dont know what to do.


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  • she doesn't like you in that way


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