Am I not good enough for anybody?

So I'm 18&F and never had a boyfriend because I was never ready for a relationship. I'm very confused at this point of my life because I don't like anybody. The last time I liked a guy was in May and since then I didn't have any interest in anyone else except the guy I hung out once and I thought to myself "where have you been till now". But even tho we had a great time he didn't persuade anything after it or tried to contact me. Which I was surprised because I thought he was interested in me, he even walked me home.
The thing is I like mature guys and the ones that go to school with me aren't. I don't really meet them outside of school and when I do I'm truly disappointed in their way of thinking or actions.
I've been told I'm intimidating because of my looks and realness. Guys stare at me but never approach me. This week I noticed a few guys talking about me how one of them likes me but still they wouldn't try talking to me. I don't get talked to unless they make sexual comments about my body.
All this is making me depressed because I don't feel good enough for anybody. What should I do?


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  • I really hope you meet someone. When I hear things like this I wish I could be the guy a girl is looking for. I want to meet someone like you one day and just make her smile everyday. You'll meet a guy one day who is going to treasure you. That's why I'm working on myself once I feel more attractive and confident I want to make a girl happy 😁

  • I wish I was in your school lol I like talking to women like you. ... and don't think that way, you are just enough, its just a matter of waiting for someone you truly like. :)

  • Just be postive and dont let urself down
    Cuz one day you ill get an amazing partner and than you ill thank god that you are still single..


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