I'm ready to date, but I approach guys but at the same time How can show that I'm available without appearing desperate?

I feel like some men assume that a girl is desperate if she approaches a guy and will immediately try to prey upon her

But in reality I have only approached one guy since my long break from dating

I have approached men before and I'm not the type of girl to jump into relationships. I have only been in 2 relationships. So I'm not one of those girls who needs to be in a relationship.

I have been working on myself and I really go by how I feel.

Some days I feel like talking to a guy some days I do not

I have a huge asshole filter due to my past of being verbally abused by guys so I have no problem cutting off a guy if I see a red flag


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  • Just start talking with a casual conversation. My biggest issue with approaching is knowing if a girl wanted to be bothered. If a girl asked a simple question to show interest I'd be able to take it from there.

    • I was on the bus and I saw this guy. He was really fair skinned and he was white so I was afraid to approach him so I never did but He was handsome

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    • He was not even sitting by me on the bus, he was close by though

    • I think he works at that mall

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