I really hate being Indian?

sometimes I feel that being Indian American is a huge curse in the world.

first of all, Indian parents are the worst. I can't even watch r rated movies or go out at night. even though I live in a college dorm, I always am expected to come home. whenever I'm not home, I have to watch R rated movies or go out with friends at late night and not say a word to my parents. I have been very sheltered and have received an F in a class. my parents just don't want me to mature, even if I get good grades. they were reluctant to even let me live on campus (it is 30 minutes away from home). my friends say that I'm the least mature of them (but getting better) and I am the only virgin out of my college roommates.

my parents also do not encourage sex or relationships before marriage. I feel that this is a factor that may make me prone to cheating or divorce (again, not encouraged in Indian culture)

next, and the biggest, the stereotypes. Indian men are stereotyped as smelly, weak, IT guys. no girl wants to have sex with them. my roommate is Italian and gets all the ladies. I have been rejected by many just for being Indian, and am still a virgin. never had a girlfriend nor a kiss nor have I had sex. though I have made female friends and many girls invite me to hangouts and hug me when they see me.
I do not just go for White girls. I go for Indians and Asians too


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  • Modern western culture sucks. Don't support stuff just because feminists tell you..

    Women are racists. They don't care if you smell they just want your money. They will always treat men who are low in the dominance hierarchy like SHIT.

    This "white is the most beautiful race" thing has just come since colonization. It is a post colonial phenomenon that will go as western nations collapse


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