If a girl has type 2 herpes? The one on the lips?

How dangerous is this? I heard if oral is performed, it could transfer to genital herpes? Does this mean ill be stuck no kissing her for the whole week?


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  • While she has a flare-up, yes, you shouldn't kiss her. Or have her perform oral sex on you.

  • My riend gets cold sores (its actually type 1, type 2 herpes is genitals!) and when she has one she won't share drinks with anyone or kiss anyone or give oral sex.

    • How did she get type 1?

    • It was accidentally passed from one of her parents to her when she was a toddler. That's actually a really common way to get type 1 herpes

    • I dont know how Id feel not being able to kiss my girl for a week... Mind you my mom has type 1 herpes, and I've shared many things with her while she had the sore but I never got anything?

  • No kissing, no oral. If she gives you head, you could end up with it down there, if you kiss you could end up with cold sores.


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