Girls are stereotypical alpha male type guys really that irresistible and would a guy with my type of personality be unattractive?

By alpha male I mean the abrasive, cocky type of guys.
My personality isn't alpha but I'm certainly not a beta tyep (typical beta being spineless with little confidence). I'ma fairly intelligent and articulate person but I don't usually (sometimes I do thoug) start conversations with people I don't know but if someone talks to me, or hints some sort of flirty behavior, I can talk to then no problem. Woth that being said I don't exactly ooze self confidence like an alpha but I am sure of myself and am at times shy. Also I jnow a lot of people don't like the term alpha, I don't either, but it seems the best way to describe what I was trying to describe
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  • No, it isn't the best way to describe it. You're simply rehashing someone else's misuse of the word "alpha" and using the common internet Bullshit image of such a guy.

    Here's what an actual alpha is: a man who, by definition, gets the most access to sex and favored access to resources within a given social circle, who is the male leader of that social circle. Again, by definition.

    So yes, women like actual alphas, by definition.


    Yes, you're unattractive. Because you're generalizing (and frankly demonizing) men who are more successful than you. You are whining.

    Grow some courage, take action, be kind to women. Don't complicate things with caricatures of people and ideas.


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