Been sexting my ex a little tonight...😳?

It's strange because we've went from arguing about the break up today and being pretty hostile to warming up a little to each other again.

Got to the end of the night and he's telling me he's not been with anyone else since me. Then we started talking and somehow got onto how to turn each other on.

Then he said he was tempted to FaceTime me (we were both naked and in bed) but I chickened out. He told me he was gonna have a w**k either way. And I told him I'd be doing the same.

I sent him a sneaky picture of the side of my boob and part of my bottom, and he sent me a pick with his hand in his boxers. Then we both said goodnight... im not sure how all this happened?

Just to note, we never had sex when we were together, so I know he's not using me for sex. I just don't get how we started acting sexually towards each other again? This is how our initial attraction to each other first begun... 😳
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  • If you never had sex, it wasn't a relationship, it was a friendship

    • We did sexual things though... it was very much a relationship.

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    • Ya it was

    • Whatever :)

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