Serious girlfriend question?

I was 21 and she was 18. She claimed she was a virgin and we dated for a year until she left to college. No we didn't have sex since i respected the fact she wanted to "wait". Keep in mind this girl was immature the whole time she was flirting around while dating me or also known as an attention whore. Well she graduated and left to college 300 miles away. We still kept in touch AS FRIENDS. A year later she decided she wanted to come back home to be close to everyone. She randomly phoned me and said if i wanted to get lunch? i said yeah. We hung out and keep in mind at this point she is 19 and i'm 22. Out of curiosity i asked if she dated anyone and she said "nothing serious". I said i had one girlfriend and slept with her. She started talking smack like "wow only one is that it hotshot?". I then asked her what did she do (sexual wise) and she kept quiet/speed walking covering her eyes and all she said is she dated.

Does this mean she's still a virgin? i really thought she was sleeping around which is why i did it


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  • she is not virgin

  • Trust what she's telling you


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