Who do I actually like?

i graduated from high school last summer, and during the end of the year, i had a developing crush on one of my friends. he started dating one of my other friends (even though they didn't really know each other very well, and she knew i liked him) and i didn't want to make life difficult for anyone, so i got over it and moved on. in that time period i started dating one of my other friends who i've been really close to for years and liked for a long time but gave up on more recently because it was all unrequited. now, the guy i originally liked and my other friend broke up and we're all in college and it seems dumb, but my boyfriend is changing pretty rapidly and my other friend and i are staying pretty much the same, and we see each other more often just because our schools are closer and there are issues in my relationship beyond this, but is it better to hold onto the relationship i'm in, or end it if i feel like i'm just wasting his time because i might be happier with someone else?


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  • Really, the only thing that can answer this question is your gut.


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