Is he a player?

I really need some outsider opinions.

I have been talking to a guy from Okcupid for a few weeks. We hit it off and we have both agreed we want to be a couple. BUT

I just reacitiviated my account because I was wondering.. and sure enough his account is still there and worst of all it showed the green dot showing he is online. He had told me he deleted the app from his phone and wasn't talking to other people.

Does this mean perhaps he is lying and is still talking to people? I feel hurt and like I'm being played. Especially after the time we spent together. I don't want to accuse him or make him think I'm crazy so I don't know how to ask him why he still has his account.


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  • I would say it. does its eaarly in a relationship and you have already caught him lying about something pretty important. I would end it now before things get worse. But thats just what i would do. Also because i have a similar expirience like that where shit got crazy. I would tell you but im not posting it here for everyone to read


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  • ill be honest with you so dont be offended k. take it from someone who met her boyfriend off pof. first of all, you can't be a couple until you've met. you have no clue who the guy really is until youve met him in a public place. second, dont be so guilble when talking to these people online. people can lie very easily on the internet and you need to be smart about who you open up to. when i started talking to my now boyfriend, we only talked about superficial things like interests and what not and then we finally started texting. BUT we didn't label anything or say were dating until we met. you can usually tell how real a pesron is being by the way they type. if they seem too good to be true, its probs a sign that you should run. but girl, you need to wake up and realize that you are using the internet and most people lie to get innocent girls like you to sleep with them. please dont fall for it

    • I should have clarified that I have met him in person

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    • It wasn't so much a date as just to get to know each other. We watched movies and talked. No we didn't.

    • have you seen him since? did he ask you out?
      with my boyfriend, he asked me out an hour after we said bye. typically, if a guy is serious he will ask you to go for coffee or something like that. a guy who invites you to their house is not someone you want to be with if you're looking for a boyfriend. also, why would you go to someone's house who you've never met before? you're literally asking for trouble as a girl. that was not smart at all on your part. so dont ever do that again. okay? promise me that. my boyfriend never invited me to his house while dating initially. he made plans to take me places and picked me up from my house and texted me everyday. watching a movie is not a date. its an excuse to have sex and makeout. i didn't do that with my boyfriend until we were official.

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  • OkCupid is a dating app. If he's dating, he should not need an account on a dating app, it's not social media. You have the right to be concerned and you should address him about it. Just be like "So why do you still have your account there and you log-in to it?" and listen to his answer, if it's reasonable -I doubt it will be- then ignore it. If it's not, he's lying about something and you should be very careful.


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  • Take his phone when you're hanging out next time and be like, "I'm gonna take some selfies" then somehow go check and see if you can find the app if you do then bring it up.

  • It just means that he's online, not talking to other people right?


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