Why is he trying to lead me on?

What should I do... I am trying to get over the guy I still really like, but he continues to text/ try to talk to me, while also canceling plans on me or choosing to hang out and drink with his friends instead. Is this kid confused about what he wants? messed up or leading me on?... and how do I move on and get over him when he keeps on appearing in my life?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Ignore his texts/phone calls.

    Don't make plans with him.

    Get rid of the stuff that reminds you of him.

    Get rid of him as a FB friend, or whatever other connections you have to him.

    It's easy to get rid of someone in your life when you no longer have anything of them in it.


What Girls Said 1

  • sounds just like my guy friend... txts me at work almost everyday for 2 months...then seem a bit distant at same time. I'm so lost, what does he want from me? I'm planning on deleting him off of everything. I realize now that he's a waste of space in my brain.

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