Guys, what kind of girl do you prefer?

I have noticed that a lot of guys are very into super super innocent sheltered girls and these guys usually aren't innocent themselves by a long shot. Some even say girls are supposed to be raised that way which is unfair obviously but anyway this isn't a feminist rant I'm just curious.

Girl A: sheltered her whole life, grew up with strict parents, doesn't cuss, never drinks, smokes or does any kind of drug at all, won't even touch a vape, never wears anything remotely revealing, won't go to a club or bar, doesn't watch raunchy movies and shows, virgin and has never done more than kissing, acts very innocent and childlike in that sense

Girl B: not sheltered, grew up with moderate parents, cusses but not often/only in appropriate times, drinks rarely, has smoked pot a few times, might go to a hookah bar/club once in a while, dresses like your average girl, has had sex but no casual sex

Girl C: grew up doing what she wanted, cusses like a sailor, drinks often, clubbing is a hobby, smokes frequently, dresses quite revealing, has had a lot of sex partners
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  • Girl A sounds like my kind of girl. I dont smoke, sleep around, curse, do drugs, I occasionally drink alcohol but never get drunk, I drink more because I like the taste of the beverage. I find women that dress modestly so much more attractive, I hate when girls have their boobs falling out of their shirts, or midriff exposed. I think its really ugly when they expose their whole bodies by wearing things like bikinis, crop tops, etc. I wish it was easy to find girls like this, but it seems like most girls fall into the B category, which is bad because I am not attracted to those types of girls which makes it that much harder to find the girls I like.


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  • Wait wdf. Whattt? How is B and the last one appealing after reading A. Obviously damn A is the right choice in this multiple bubble question😡

    • Which are YOU?

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    • Haha, I'd say I'm a man by nature. Its seems type A girl would be the perfect candidate when it comes to pureness and loyalty. Which than would mean I'd have a habit of wanting to protect her and any offsprings she produces. Basically type A girl seems most comforting and least worry

    • Nature doesn't make you a drinker, smoker, partier whatever. Choices do. Don't make excuses for yourself

  • I like the girl who is slender, attractive and is committed to something real with me, the upbringing is irrelevant

  • Girl A fits me the best. I dislike girls who drink often, smoke or do drugs. Massive turn off

  • Girl B. Girl a is just too puritan, I mean won't go to dance with me at a club? Deal breaker tbh.

  • I'll take girl A. Drugs are an immediate deal breaker.

  • lol at how you try to bury and mispresent the A girl to make yurself feel better. if "childlike" means not a degenerate slut truck driver, then yes thats what is desirable... .

    • I said "chidlike in that sense" as in, has the experience of a child.
      I don't need to make myself feel better, I live a life I'm not ashamed of.
      How in the hell is B a degenerate slut? Cause I'm more B than A and I'm far far far from C. Even C isn't a degenerate. If that's how someone wants to live andthey're not hurting anyone who cares right. I'm not saying you have to like it or date someone like that but let's not be a dick

  • If that is what girl C really "wanted" then she obviously doesn't want a real relationship. She only cares about herself and has poor impulse control.

    I could go for either A or B, just not girl C.


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