Should I go for it?

There is this guy that I am really into. Its been months. Him and I are both seniors. A friend of his that I know put in a good word for me initially however he said that he wasn't looking for anything serious since he is leaving for college soon and his school is 2 hours away. He leaves now in less than 3 weeks. After hearing that I tried to move on and stopped texting him. However he then started to text me out of the blue and initiated conversation. After a two weeks of this he started to get super busy again. I started to initiate the texts these last few weeks (not ever day!) maybe like once a week. And I even suggested we hang out before he leaves and he replied that we definetly should. He could even destroy me in this video game we talk about.

I like him. But he's one of those guys who has a lot of girls into him. But he isn't a douche or player. He's kind, and humble and respected for his hobbies. He's always been shy but when we started to text we then started to greet eachother in the hallways more. He even cracks jokes now haha. However these last few days I've been so stressed and anxious from other things in my life that I haven't bene able to look him in the eye. I am usually a really outgoing and basically the class clown type of person but Im losing my edge! What is wrong with me? Should I still hang out with him anyways? If so how should I bring it up? Or should he because I already put it out there?
Its just frustrating because I like him and I dont know what he thinks.
He probably doesn't give two shits but I need honest truth and advice please!
If your a guy can you please tell me what he might be thinking?
And girls: prayers? (jk) or opinions in general?


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  • Girl. Fuck him. Waste of time I had the same shit happen to me. We were talking but would never hang out he was "always" busy only to find out he was low key talkin to his ex. Ditch that mess. Players will ALWAYS be player and say they're not looking for anything serious.

    • He isn't a player though like I don't think he's ever even had a girl friend, plus im friends with his friends and I know he's not one to hook up.

    • I like your attitude by the way ;)

    • Haha thanks. All I'm saying is if someone doesn't put effort into anything like actually hanging out why should you worry when there's a guy out there probably dying just to hang out with you

  • I know it's easier said than done, but... GO FOR IT! Try to hang out again. Since he's about to leave, you have nothing to lose. And two hours is not a bad distance at all. I have a friend who has maintained a relationship with that distance

    • My name is natasha too :D
      And okay haha so how should I ask him and what should we do?

    • I would just ask if he still wants to play that video game. Good luck!



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