We stopped talking randomly?

*Sorry for the length!*
So him and i met about 2 months ago and we would hang out a lot, text everyday etc. When i met him I didn't like him that way at first. But he did and it was pretty obvious and he would tell me. I told him that i wanted to move slow because i had just got out of an abusive relationship. He was very understanding. The next few weeks were good, we would be cute towards each other but i never kissed him because i just wasn't ready. Oh and another thing, i was kindof mean sometimes.. But it wasn't intentional i was just confused on my feelings and didn't know how to react. When i found myself being mean i would immediately apologize. So about 2 weeks ago he asked me would i be upset if he hung out with his ex. I told him yes and i kindof snapped on him about it. He said sorry that he wouldn't hang out with her, that he was just asking. And it was dropped and thats when i started to really like him and i would act more clingy but it wasn't really noticeable. We were supposed to hang out a few days after that but we didn't because stuff came up. I was gonna wait until we hung out to tell him i liked him. So the next day everything was fine until after he got off work and he told me we shouldn't talk anymore. We have kindof talked about it but i feel like i can't explain myself unless its in person. He said he loves his ex. But the weird thing is he told me they haven't talked in months. They've been broken up for a while. I just don't understand because he liked me so much and now he says we can't talk. And i miss him a lot, it's been a week and i want to at least try to be his friend but I don't know. He still watches my stories on snapchat and we're still friends on facebook so i guess thats a good thing. But what can i do?


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  • you lost your feelings


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