Never had a date, so how do I get one?

I have never had a girl friend before because I just never really got along with girls. But now that I have moved its a clean plate for me and yet its still just as hard as it ever was.


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  • Not sure how old you but what your feeling "awkward" is natural for a young man your age.

    My son is 19 1/2 is has his very first girlfriend and believe me boys are usually older than girls when they first start dating.

    The only advice I can give you is be yourself but of course a gentlemen and if there is a girl your interested in just go for it. Simple say I would love to go see that movie *^&^*&^&^ would you like to go with me? There are only two answers Yes, or no thank you. What do you have to lose. You don't have a girlfriend now right. So you have nothing to lose and possibly a friend to gain. Right! So what if she says no. You will have to get use to hearing no and accepting it. This is something that happens to all of us. Time to grow up and take it like a man!

    Let me give you a few hints. Girls like men who are very clean, who can carry a conversation without always making a joke out of everything. However a sense of humor is nice. And you should seem interested in her and not talk to much about yourself. Ask questions about her and wait to let her ask questions about you. A good listen is important.

    Good luck


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  • Well a few key factors would be 1)to try to make friends with girls because most relationships start off with friendship and if you don't really hit it off with one particular girl you start to get connections through these friends 2) be more confident ... insecurity is not soo attractive but don't be cocky! that is even worse.... hope that helped!


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  • Its never easy man. Sometimes when you are looking real hard you're missing the obvious stuff. I know this isn't much help but just be confident. A good balance of confidence and a sense of humor can go a long ways.

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