Poll: Why do guys get mad/offended when a girl pays on a date?

My personal experience with over twenty men I have dated has made me curious. I know not all men get mad/offended about this, but what reason do the men who do get offended have for getting upset about my paying for the date? I would have thought it would have been flattering or nice for a guy when a woman pays?
  • Gender roles
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  • Feelings of emasculation
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  • Worried about who wears the pants in any potential relationship
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  • When a girl pays, guys think she isn't interested in them
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  • Other
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't know. i wouldn't exactly give a shit (less money i need to spend), but thinking about it retrospectively, if both of y'all are paying, it might give the impression (depending how this meeting up happened) that you didn't think it was a date.

    • I think either he doesn't think he's a date, or he may think she's paying because she's not enjoying the date.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Worried about who wears the pants in any potential relationship


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  • Other: most guys don't get mad over this.
    Some guys might "feel" like they should pay and therfore feel bad if the girl pays instead, but not mad.

  • I'd really like it if a girl paid for the date. I think it has to do with ego or something.

  • I don't get mad, I like that, because I support independant girls.


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