I need advice. What do you think I should do?

I always stop myself from taking relationships with girls to the next level because I don't feel I am deserving of it yet. I am saving sex for marriage, very independent, and very respectful of women. Beautiful girls get interested in me just I feel I don't deserve one yet because I am not stable yet in my life in many aspects. Also, I do not want to be like my dad and cousins who are hard womanizers. Saw my mom got hurt too many times and family almost break because this, I keep helping mom and my two siblings. But... I am 23 now and I wish to have a girl and marry her someday. Is it okay to be in a serious relationship even I am not financially stable yet in my life? I am a one woman type, how can I be confident of the future with her if I am not confident of my current life now?


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  • I like your Very Mature Outlook in This here, dear, and do Not change for Anyone but your own self... Stick to your Great Game Plan, man.
    Go slow with Any girl you find who might be Special and worth taking home to Meet The parents, let's say. If you see things between you both are going above a certain 'Level, then Compromise until you can both get on the same page.
    If she really cares about you Unconditionally and is willing to wait, then Date. She will think you are Worth waiting For beyond this door.
    Good luck. xx

  • One step at a time, yeah dating seems to be cool and everything, but it can be challenging too. So, it is better to take it is easy when it comes to a relationship.


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