I have no idea? is he playing me?

- We met online

- He pretty much stalked me into going out on a date with him, he was even willing to drive to my city to come and see me.

- We met up, he kept saying how pretty my face was, he took me out to eat, he talked a lot.

- He offered to bring me back home, to another city but i said no.. its ok, ill go by train, he said he had the feeling i was undermining him with the things i said (had no clue what i said).

- He said text me when you are home, i did and then BAM this guy is too lazy to text even finish his words, he doesn't text or call, he just said if you are ever bored again let me know, its a waste of your weekend.

Is he interested or WHAT? he doesn't iniate anything, he never calls or text and when he does text once every 3 weeks, its one word and ''hahaha''. Is he playing me?


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  • I guess he's playing, since you met online, he must have had many thoughts about your looks, character etc. But when you met up, he must've gotten the feeling that you're not like he thought to be or you're not interested on him. Maybe he had other ideas to do with you, and he did all out of lust and he didn't get what he wanted from you. But chill sis! Better you too move on, he don't sound right after all.


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