Am I being silly?

Last month I dating a guy I met from a dating site but with in a week it went wrong and we went our own ways. Out of the blue he called me last night ! We chatted but the chat turned sexual from his side , I'm looking for a relationship and so is he and when we first met we didn't sleep together but I found him attractive. My problem is I still find him a attractive and I have been single for 7 months and I have not been intimate with anyone but this guy he turns me on ! He wants to stay the night with me and even tho I'm looking for long term I'm so tempted , I know it's wrong I'm no slag but it's been so long and to put it frank I'm frustrated sexually lol , would sleeping with him be a mistake?


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  • Ssleeping with him solely because you're horny would be a bad idea, but if you thought it might lead to something, why not? So long as you're careful.

    • I told him I just want fun no relationship because I know it wouldn't work

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    • We met up and had fun but it went wrong and things happened that were so embarrasing !! I felt like running away there n then , we kissed and we both went our ways I texted him to explain I'm not wanting fun and I wish him luck and for him to take care etc I never heard from him. Now I feel bad ! But I know he's the player type but I did like him it's so strange !! I keep thinking about him I felt the urge to message him but haven't , the first time round we fell out and never spoke for a month then he called out If the blue and we met and this happened.. I don't no why my heart is feeling this way :/ it's strange , my head says contact him...

    • Somehow I doubt it is your heart that's urging you to contact him. If you now believe that he is the player type then you have less reason to be with him than you did before.

      This is especially true if he is as inappropriately possessive as you have said elsewhere that he is.

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  • only sleep with him if you are OK with the fact that it probably won't develope into a relationship.
    Late night calls out of the blue mean only one thing: sex
    You are a grown woman who can have casual sex if she wants to.

    So, long story short: If you want to sleep with him because it might be good and fun, go ahead. Do NOT if you think you'll fall for him. Safe yourself the heartbreak, have a short talk about what each of you expect out of this, so both are on the sane page.

    • He tells me he wants a relationship but to be honest I'm happy either way, but he seems very possessive , we met on a dating site and he went funny with me because I talk to other men we are not together ! And he says he doesn't talk to other women , I told him I was being honest that I am and if myself and him did want a relationship then obviously that would all stop , he has just came back into my life last night ! He ended it with me last time so I was shocked when he called

    • eehhh in that case I'd advise not to sleep with him. Not because it could become an emotional problem to you, but because he is the posessive type...
      My guess is, he will think you are "his" once you had sex with him. and having such a problem with you simply talking to men other that him while you are not yet in an exclusive, commited relationship, is a BIG red flag that you should avoid.

    • I met him earlier but I couldn't go through with it ! It's not that I didn't want to it was because he smelt !! I felt sick I made an excuse to why I didn't want to go through with it and left early , why can't some men wash I feel physically sick

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  • It's only a mistake if you want a relationship with the guy


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  • I guess you really really really like this guy! I am like that too only i never open my mouth! OH GOD would I be in trouble haha! Umm... I say try to see if he wants a realtionship again?


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