Are straight guys more picky than lesbians?

So what I've noticed through my time on YouTube is that lesbian couples aren't picky when it comes to the body shape or size of their partner.
But when I see straight couples on YouTube the woman always has a nice body even though the guy doesn't.
So do you think guys are more picky?
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  • I never aimed too high but never too low either. I wouldn't consider myself picky though.


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  • I have several lesbians in my family of various ages. A lot of older generation lesbians didn't seem to be picky and often had poor body image and self care - perhaps from a lifetime of feeling weird and gross due to society's standpoint. I'm not sure why.

    Younger lesbians seem to be pickier and often take better care of themselves. I have a cousin around my age and her social circle are very good looking women who like women.


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  • and the problem with having a standard is?

    Also, youtube is hardly a good representation of the average life. Secondly, girls did in a blind test only find about 20% or so of the guys to be above average looking. So you 100% sure it's not just your subjective opinion fooling you?

  • 1- the heterosexual pool is much greater so guys can be more picky... supply and demand mothafucka!!!
    2- guys care more for looks. it's always been that way. lesbians get girls. they know how girls act better than guys do, obviously. so lesbians are more susceptible to not being as picky for that reason
    3- i just like working in 3s

  • At a basic level what is attractive to men is what would make biologically for the best mothers. Lesbians MAY be looking for traits they find attractive on a man, but they are typically not aroused by the same indicators a man would. I haven't seen the dynamic your talking about, the opposite (probably because I mostly watch fitness channels). Could you give an example?

  • I know what I like physically in a woman and the type of woman I want and won't settle.


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