Adjustment period vs. break up?

He hasn't broken up with me but he got really boring and more irritable. He's a busy guy with no time for himself so I try to respect that, but we don't even get to know eachother lately for the past couple of weeks. I mean, we text but it's boring and dragged out. Holidays are a special time for him since he's going back home after working so hard in the military so I understand if he doesn't wanna talk to me because he's spending quality time with friends and family, but the more and more I get adjusted into this relationship, I realize that I have to be there for his convenience (I'm busy but only socially, so I can talk). That romantic feeling that I'm getting chased by him is gone although I know I try to make him feel special sometimes, he's just lagging on that department. I used to think he was gonna break up with me but now I'm questioning if this is really who he is. We met 2 months ago (talked 1 month, in relationship for 1 month... it was amazing) and I'm wondering if this is the adjustment period in a relationship or if this is break up signs? And if this is an adjustment, how do I spice things up with someone so far away and busy that isn't sexual?
Or maybe this relationship is perfect in a sense where his schedule allows me to make time for myself and my priorities with no pressure and I'm not busy to the point where I can be there for his convenience? That would be a perfect relationship if I knew if he still was interested in Us.


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  • It's only been 2 months. Give it time


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