What does it mean even though I haven't done anything wrong?

So, i was talking to this guy and we were pretty much interested in each other but neither of us would say anything straight up because we're both shy, but its obvious through all the flirting and the way he used to text me that he liked me. And then he suddenly stopped messaging me for no reason, like we used to text all day everyday, then for a whole week he stopped. I messaged him after a week but he seemed normal and didn't mention the fact that he hasn't been messaging. And ever since we haven't texted but i see him around work and its normal like we dont mention it or anything. Would there be any reason a guy would just suddenly stop messaging after showing that theyre really interested in you and things were getting serious?


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  • As wise as I am and with the Writing on the wall and all here, dear, seems he Lost... Interest in being Interested in you.
    He probably figured this hit and miss 'All the flirting and the way he used to text me that he liked me,' that He was doing all the work and probably realized or even Thought... It was not going anywhere on your own part. You could maybe have showed a bit more initiative yourself.
    I do admit if he really was That 'Interested,' he could have Asked you out after 5 when the doors close. But being it was the way that it was with a "He said, She said," it doesn't seem even that it might have worked out on a First date or being a mate.
    I don't think he was so coy this boy that with his Flirting and texting that he was in much of a shell, I can tell.
    Good luck. xx


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