I get angry whenever I think a girl is into me?

Mainly because, whenever I end up believing that, I end up being 100% wrong. What makes it worse is that, I more or less assume that girls are either ambivalent to me or outright hate me, so, it's very rare that I ever think that a girl might find me attractive, hell, it's hard for me to not think I'm hideous to begin with. In fact, I've only ever been hit on once in my entire life, at least, seriously hit on, all the other times they were either messing with me or I was the one flirting with them. I'm saying this because, Friday night, I was hanging out with some friends and I started to get the feeling that one of the girls there might've been into me. But, I know it's probably just wishful thinking (don't know why, I'm not really into her, maybe it's just nice being liked), and, I keep hearing my mother's words about white girls, they may see me as a friend, but never anything else. You see, most of the girls I know are white (it's mostly due to my school and the clubs I've joined), and, whenever I meet one that I think may be attracted to me, that rings in my head. And, I'm not just into them, like, I tried with this really cool girl who was black and had all the same interests and beliefs as me (it's hard to meet a non-religious black girl) but she was into another guy.


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  • I think you shouldn't get angry about it so much, but it is a question of luck. Finding the right person, that is. Someone compatible and attractive.


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