Ex and I started sexting a little last night? Not too sure what to make of it to be honest?

So, we went from arguing, to talking normally, to talking about my sex life, to flirting with each other. All very confusing.

We ended up exchanging a few pictures (I sent him one with my hand over my breast and he sent me one with his hand down his boxers). We were gonna FaceTime each other, but I chickened out. So, we both went to bed and used the pictures as material I guess and fell asleep.

At the end of the day, I never slept with him when we were together (have my reasons) although we did do some sexual things. We've been apart for some good 7 months now. Not too sure if he's moved on or not? But I guess one thing for sure is that we're still attracted to each other.

Do you think we should give it time and try to work it out?


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  • NOOOO!!! Mistake move on put your energy into someone new.

    • Why though?

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    • Follow that path, see where it takes you. It will be a learning experience.

    • I'm not sure I want to :/ even I have doubts myself, you know. It could either work perfectly or be a total disaster and nothing in between...

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