Guys, would you date a girl that lost a massive amount of weight?

And, if you ask her out and you have no idea she has excess skin resulting from massive weight loss, would you want her to tell you before she accepts your invitation, on your first date, when/if things work out but before you get intimate? or not say anything and let you find out in the bedroom? would you wanna know from the start? or is it something that should be discussed later on? when?

Thank you.


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  • I actually went out with a girl like that a few years ago. I loved the fact that she was able to make a healthy life change, it was kind of sexy. But when we had sex her skin was kind of loose and that was pretty off putting. Not sure if I would do it again or not to be honest.

    • did she tell you? how did you find out? if you remember, how much weight had she lost? was this the reason or part of it that it didn't last?

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    • Thank you very much for answering. I appreciate your honesty. Having lost twice as much and looking good when dressed up... your answer is... well, humbling to say the least!

    • Well damn, sounds like you are well on the right track to being a healthier person, I know that is not easy. From my understanding loose skin can tighten up over time so don't get too discouraged about it.


    Excess skin as a huge deal breaker.

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