We had a great time, but he said he doesn't want a girlfriend, should I stop communicating?

So this guy I've been talking to as friends for 4 years finally got together and had a fantastic night. He's never seen this side of me and was loving it, said he jad a lot of affection for me, absolutely loves our friendship and even surprises himself every time he realizes how long we've been talking.

But at one point in the night said he doesn't want a girlfriend cause he knows he'll ruin the relationship.

So, that night was this Thursday night, he texted me Friday wishing me luck about a meeting that day. I said thanks, I'd let him know and wished him a good day. Then he followed up before I had a chance to and said great at the fact it went well. I said thanks for asking and haven't heard from him since.

I feel as though I should just not contact him. He did order a gift for me from amazon, so when it comes I'll be sure to message a thank you. But other than that how should I on, keep in touch or not?
Input please...
Ugh... I just decided to let him go by disappearing. He could care less, hasn't said a word.


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  • Well, it really depends on what you want out of the relationship. If you want friendship, then he's there. If you want a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship, then he's made it clear he's not available. I'm sure there are guys who would want a relationship with you if that's what you want, but you have to look for them instead of settling for something you don't want.

    • Yeah, I want to have a romantic relationship with him and after four years talking we're finally both single and he's not available. I mean I enjoy our friendship too, but don't want to be disheartened every time we talk as friends holdong on to hope we'll be together.

      I know he made it very clear and I should move on, but this damn heart of mine will hold onto hope.

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    • Sounds like a reasonable decision. Even though you don't want a family, you do want a relationship. He probably wants to enjoy being single for a while.

    • Yeah. Thanks for your help.

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