My intuition or insecurities?

Me and my guy don't live together but we usually spend every night together. Recently he just got a second job for every Sunday. Now after his first Sunday he didn't come over in 3days.
My intuition made me feel like something was up. He just said he was "tired" it could be b/c now he is working 7days. But I can also detect something isn't right cus now all of a sudden he wants to eat healthy and go to the gym. What do you guys think?
a week past and I still feel something is up. The only way I'll no for sure is by looking in his phone.


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  • Me too ! My guy recently got into eating healthy and he goes to the gym five days a week... And he talks constantly about the gym. I don't know where it all came from. Also I've tried to mak him eat fruit and the other day he was like yeah so I tried a pear and it was good because this person gave me some. And i was like wtf I always try get you to eat fruit but someone else insists and you listen to them instead... :/ also I know his membership is the one where he can take another person too and I've asked him to take me and he is all like I don't think I can... And im like yeah you can because i read it online and your membership says it can do that. Weird. Been wanting to check what he does. Too bad I can't go see who he talks to at work cause I have a feeling about that too

    • Yea I can totally relate. I asked my guy to come with me to the gym when I had the motivation and he wouldn't. He goes with his guy friends. I'm going to go through his phone tonight while he is sleeping. I have been going crazy for a week.
      Maybe u should to and let's message each other with updates. We r like in the same situation ! Smh these days I don't put anything past a man

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    • Oh wow I can't wait till I get to have that experience
      How is he with the baby? Does he help and stufff

    • Yeah its crazy. He does he adores her and he does help quite a lot. That I won't complain about lol

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