When should I ask her out?

OK I'll make this short. There's a girl in one of my classes that I like and think she likes me. I won't go into certainty seeing that I can't be certain, but the way she looks at me, always in the eyes. Always gets close to me, when class ends she waits for me at the door, and always asks questions about me when we talk. Now I can say I've known her for about a few weeks, and I got her number recently, we talk before and after class, and text when not around each other, I haven't actually called her yet but that's where I need help. I don't want to just call just to talk, that'll be kinda weird and won't that send her the wrong signal. That instead of me want to be WITH her that I just want to be FRIENDS by just talking? I was thinking of asking her out, but wanted to know if it was too soon. By the way, she's kind of a shy girl, but I don't think that will factor in much will it?


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  • Go for it! Sounds like she likes you since she keeps texting with you and talking with you. You will never know if you don't ask.

    • Well I asked, but she's so busy (I should have known seeing all the clubs and extracurricular activities she does) Heck I'm busy too! She did however hint at 8 o'clock being a good time for her, but I didn't want to sound desperate by continuing to ask about another time, should I inquire?

    • You said yourself she's shy she probably didn't want to say outright that you could hang out then. I would try asking her one more time to do something in that specific time that she's not busy. If she says no after that then I would give it up. Good luck!

  • totally go for it :) and btw, I love it when a guy I like calls me just to talk:) that does not send the message that you don't like her


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